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Statistics from the state of South Carolina show that up to 60 % of initial claims are declined regularly, leaving families struggling to pay medical bills and replace lost wages.

Social Security Disability Insurance is essentially a payroll tax-funded program created by the United States federal government.  It is designed to provide income supplements to individuals that have become mentally or physically restricted in their ability to become employed.

As the results of being denied your Social Security Disability benefits after paying your fair share for many years, the Social Security Disability attorneys of Harbin & Burnett LLP assist families statewide who have had their Social Security Disability benefits delayed or denied. Our attorneys have the experience and determination to help clients recover the maximum benefits through reconsideration.

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Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

In most states, medical and disability benefits will be paid out according to state approved formulas. These benefits will be paid in the form of a check bi-weekly and will be two-thirds of your average weekly wage. The maximum amount an individual may be able to collect is also set by the state.

Some types of Social Security Disability benefits include:

  •     Death benefits

If a worker dies resulting from an accident within one to five years of this accident, and has had a continuous disability from the accident, the surviving dependents of the worker may be eligible to collect benefits.

  •     Impairment income benefits

Impairment income benefits are paid to those individuals injured, which results in a permanent impairment rating.

  •     Permanent impairment benefits

These benefits are paid to individuals who have become disabled as a result of amputation, face or head disfigurement, or serious loss of vision.

  •     Permanent total benefits

There benefits are paid to individuals who are not able to return to work or even perform light duty jobs due to their disabilities.

  •     Supplemental benefits

These benefits are paid to individuals who have an impairment rating of 20% or more. These benefits are paid to an employee that was injured and has not returned to work, cannot find employment, or has returned to work and is earning less than the pre injury wage.

As these situations tend to be very complex, it may be difficult for an individual to determine which type of disability benefit is right for them. Thus, our attorneys are here to help guide you in the right direction and recover the benefits you deserve.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

In recent years, our government has been working on speeding up the Social Security Disability process, as there is an enormous waiting list of cases in the system. Unfortunately, many individuals have abused the system in the past, thus resulting in a more in depth process of granting deserving individuals their social security benefits.

Some things we can do to assist you in receiving your benefits include:

  •     Gathering all documents used while filing your claim
  •     Organizing necessary documentation
  •     Be able to describe your functional limitations in detail
  •     Obtain a detailed statement of your disability from your doctor
  •     Obtain a detailed statement of your disability from family members
  •     Have these statements available during your hearing

It is also recommended to file a Social Security Disability claim as soon as your disability occurs, then contact an experienced Greenville area Social Security Disability Attorney.

Contact Our Greenville Area SSDI Attorneys

If you have had you social security disability (SSD) claim delay or denied, an attorney from the Greenville area law offices of Harbin & Burnett LLP can assist you today with a FREE consultation. We will take the time to explain clearly your rights, your options and possible strategies for benefit recovery, all with no risk or obligation.

Our SSD lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of South Carolina families, from Anderson to Greenville, Charleston and statewide. We understand the law and more importantly, the process. We can guide you and your family through an often confusing and intimidating appeals process to get you the benefits you deserve.

Some additional locations our SSDI attorneys serve include:

  •     Dunean
  •     Mauldin
  •     Wade Hampton
  •     Taylors
  •     City View
  •     Berea
  •     Powdersville
  •     Sans Souci

...And many of the areas surrounding cities, towns, and suburbs

If you have had your South Carolina Social Security Disability claim delayed or denied, we welcome you to call us for a FREE consultation with no further obligation at 1(800)NEGLECT (in South Carolina) / 1(888)821-0247 (Nationwide). At this point a member of our intake staff will collect information regarding your specific case, then quickly connect you with one of our helpful attorneys ready to get started working with you.

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