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South Carolina Car Accident Injury Statistics

side impact accidentThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that over 30,000 people are killed in auto accidents each year in the United States.

In 2005, the impact on victims, families, and friends related to auto accident fatalities cost $41 billion in work and medical expenses.

Did a family member or someone that you love become the victim of a fatal auto accident that was caused by another driver or due to circumstances beyond their control?

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South Carolina Auto Accidents

According to the 2012 United States Census Bureau there are 4,723,723 people throughout the entire state of South Carolina. As a result, as with any area with an increase population, there will tend to be an increased amount of vehicle traffic, which leads to automobile accidents. Some South Carolina auto accident statistics provided by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety include:

  2008 2009

Fatal Collision

841 817
Injury Collisions 31,053 31,086
Property Damage Only Collisions 75,358 74,961
Total Collisions 107,252 106,864
Fatalities 921 894
Non-fatal Injuries 46,925 48,303


Of these fatalities in 2008 and 2009, most of them were caused by pickup trucks; however there were several other types of fatalities caused on our roadways as well.

Fatalities by Type of Vehicle

Over the years the fatalities across our roadways have remained relatively consistent throughout the years, while they have slowing been decreasing. This proves that by increasing awareness of accidents, injuries, and fatalities that occur each year may be assisting in reducing the number of car accidents. Unfortunately, all accidents may not be prevented, even if drivers are practicing defensive driving techniques.

Some fatalities by type of vehicle provided by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety include:

  2008 2009
Tractor Trailers 55 71
Motorcycles 112 95
Pedalcycles 15 13
Pedestrians 101 90
Trains 4 5
Motorized Bikes 13 18
School Bus 3 4
SUV's 197 214
Vans 71 59
Pick Up Trucks 215 244


By practicing defensive driving techniques and obeying all traffic laws, we can each do our part to continue reducing the total number of fatal collisions across our South Carolina roadways each year.

Contributing Factors of Auto Accidents

Unfortunately, the state of South Carolina has many negligent, careless, and ignorant drivers. Therefore, there are many contributing factors when auto accidents occur. These accidents can range in severity depending on the type of collision, location, and speed of travel.

Some contributing factors of auto accidents provided by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety include:

Contributing Factor Deaths Injuries
Disregarded Signs, Signals 35 3,449
Distracted / Inattention 21 3,723
Driving Too Fast for Conditions 143 12,610
Speeding 39 324
Failed to Yield Right-of-Way 77 11,632
Ran Off Road 48 567
Fatigued/Asleep 11 392
Tailgating 2 2,979
Improper Turn 2 674
Aggressive Operation 20 600
DUI 282 3,565
Improper Lane Change 15 1,221
Cell Phone 0 54
Over-Correction 5 186
Medical Related 4 680
Avoiding Object 3 169
Wrong Way 45 929
Obscured Vision 1 51


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