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South Carolina Citizens Urged to Watch for Children in Hot Cars

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Jul 09, 2014 in General Interest

A recent number of news reports have brought attention to a serious and growing problem, leaving children in hot cars. Now, South Carolina law enforcement is urging parents to always check their vehicles for children in the back seat and to get involved if they see a child who has been left in a hot car.

Most recently, a Ridgefield toddler died after he was left in a hot car. Police were notified at 6 p.m. that the toddler had been left in an unattended car for an extended period of time. The father drove him to the hospital after discovering him in the vehicle; the exact cause of death remains under investigation.

On July 8, three cases of children being left in hot cars were reported. In Connecticut, six caretakers have been charged for leaving children in unattended vehicles.

Each year, about 38 deaths are a result of children left unattended in hot vehicles. In 2014, there have been at least 15 deaths related to children being left in hot cars.

The Richland County Sheriffs Department is encouraging citizens to get involved and call 911 if you see a child or animal in a hot vehicle.

For parents, consider finding ways to remind yourself to check the backseat before you exit a vehicle. Using post-it notes, or reminder decals are an easy way to remind yourself to check the back of the vehicle. Leaving your cellphone or purse next to your toddler or child can also help you ensure that youre checking the vehicle before you exit.

If youre at home, always make sure the vehicle is locked as your child can wander in and lock themselves inside the car. Never let your child play in your vehicle.

In the event of becoming a victim of an accident or if your child has been incorrectly supervised by a caregiver and left in a vehicle unattended, you may be eligible to file a damages lawsuit.

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