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Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Mar 13, 2018 in General Interest

Last night I was attending my daughter's high school lacrosse game. I was sitting by myself but there were people in the row in front of me. As the game had not yet started, it was pretty quiet.  I couldn't help but overhear a conversation about the weather.  The parent of one of the players said to her mother, "that is the only profession where you can get away with lying." The grandmother replied, "that and lawyers."  i had to jump in so I said, "lawyers, they're the worst." The grandmother nodded and said, "that's true." I continued, "you can't trust any of them."  There was a long pause, then the grandmother asked, "are you a lawyer?" "Yes ma'am", I replied. Her husband thought that was hilarious and she started to apologize but i cut her off. We ended up chatting throughout the game and she learned a little about my daughter and I learned a little about her granddaughter.  And I hope she realized that all lawyers are not evil people.

The fact is that lawyers are bound by a code of ethics that dictates what we can and cannot do. And most lawyers follow these rules.  The lawyers at Harbin & Burnett take our role as officers of the court very seriously as well as our duty to our clients. We do not make misrepresentations to the Court. We advocate very hard for our clients but we do not "manufacture" facts.

We are also honest with our clients. Sometimes it is hard to tell a potential client that she doesn't have a case. Sometimes it is hard to tell a client that the case he thought was worth millions is only worth thousands. But it does no one any good for a client to have inflated expectations. So, if we represent you, we will always give you our honest assessment of your case, good or bad.  You derserve that.


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