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BEWARE: Auto Accidents Increase on Black Friday

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Nov 26, 2013 in Auto Accidents

Although most Black Friday shoppers are aware of the dangers that lurk within the store, mainly other consumers vying for that same toy or TV, some also lurk in the parking lot. On Black Friday as consumer spending increases so does the number of car accidents.

Due to frenzied trips to and from stores in the late hours on Thanksgiving Day and early hours the day after, 36.5 percent more parking-related claims are made nationally according to Progressive Insurance. Additionally, the number of parking lot claims doubled between 2010 and 2011.

Accidents on Thanksgiving weekend typically increase and in South Carolina the holiday had the second highest number of fatal accidents in 2009.

About 13 percent of Black Friday accident claims were rear-end collisions, 11 percent with parked cars and 8 percent from drivers backing into other vehicles. Additionally, although the number of hit-and-run accidents cannot necessarily be verified it is likely that some parking lot incidents involve drivers who fled the scene.

It is estimated that 147 million people will be visiting stores on Black Friday weekend so it is essential that shoppers be more cautious in parking lots.

The following are some tips for avoiding Black Friday car accidents:

  • Considering using public transportation to get to your destination.
  • Go somewhere with a variety of stores that fit your shopping needs, the less you have to drive, the better your chances of not being in accident are.
  • If you drive to a store or shopping mall, consider parking toward the back and away from the majority of other vehicles.
  • Arrive later. If youre only interested in a few Black Friday deals, consider arriving later to stores as those who opened up in the early morning hours are more likely to be less busy around 9am or so.

Those with big Black Friday plans may wish to carpool with other friends or family headed out for the evening or early morning. Remember though, there are plenty of days left to catch great deals on hot items including Cyber Monday your safety is more important than the hottest deal in town.

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