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Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Jun 11, 2018 in General Interest

Can your child swim?

Officially, summer is not quite here yet, but unofficially, summer is in full swing. South Carolina's beaches are packed and it is hard to find a pool without people in it this time of year. But a full day can quickly turn tragic.  Each year, in the United States only, over 3,500 people drown in non-boat related accidents. Of those 3,500, about 1 in 5, or 700, are children 14 years of age or younger.  While it is important to be ever vigilant in watching your younger children while they swim, the best thing you can do is get them swimming lessons. In Anderson, SC, the YMCA offer lessons and residents of the City of Anderson can get lessons through the Rec center.  In many areas, the Red Cross also offers lessons and many places offer reduced prices based on financial need.  Don't rely solely on your swimming ability or that of a lifeguard.  Make sure your child can swim.


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