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Car crashes into KFC & Injures Child

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Nov 25, 2014 in Auto Accidents

SPARTANBURG, S.C.  Amanda Pruitt Murphy was charged with child endangerment when she drove her car into a KFC building, injuring a 5-year-old girl who was in her back seat. Police claimed that she was driving under the influence when she drove her car into a stopped car, a tree, and then the KFC building.

Spartanburg police said that Murphy was heading west on Ezell Boulevard when she hit a car stopped in traffic causing that car to hit the car in front of it. Police say that Murphy continued to drive off the road through grass before eventually hitting a property sign.

Murphy drove back onto the road and across four lanes before driving off the road a second time. She ended up driving down a hill, and hit a small tree followed by the KFC building, police said. The child in the car suffered cuts, swelling and bruising in the collision. The 5-year-old child was in in a child booster seat in the back of the car and was not wearing a seat belt. According to police, the girl ended up in the center console during the crash.

Police did not say if there was any relation between the 5-year-old child that was involved and Murphy. Both sustained minor injuries and were transported to the hospital.

After the hospital treated Murphy she was taken to Spartanburg County Detention Center

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