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Police search for Hit and Run motorist

Police are searching for the driver of a 4-door burgundy sedan that was involved in a hit and run accident with a cyclist on Woodruff Road in Greenville County.  The accident took place Monday night.  Troopers say a 41 year old man from Anderson County… Read More

Do I need underinsured motorist coverage?

Do I need underinsured motorist coverage? In South Carolina, underinsured motorist coverage is optional. As such, many drivers opt not to pay the extra premium amount and do not buy this coverage. This often results in scenarios where an injured driver… Read More

Dram Shop Liability

What Does Dram Shop Liability Mean and How Does It Apply? Drunk driving accidents can lead to serious injuries and even death. This situation is made worse knowing that the accident could have been avoided and that the driver acted in a negligent manner… Read More

School transportation related crashes

Harbin & Burnett urges drivers to use caution when driving in school zones and around buses.  Earlier this year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released data on the number of school-transportation-related crashes.  The NHTSA defines… Read More

Please don't drink and drive

Please don't drink and drive. A 30 year old, former elementary school teacher, was sentenced to seven years in prison in West Columbia, SC, today after pleading guilty to felony DUI.  In 2017, she ran a red light and struck a vehicle being driven by… Read More

Please don't text and drive

This morning, while driving to work, I was nearly in an automobile collision due to another vehicle entering my lane. Fortunately, I was able to slow down and the car swerved back into the proper lane.  When I pulled up to the car, I noticed that the… Read More

Georgia Hands-Free Driving Law Goes Into Effect July 1st

Georgia Hands-Free Driving Law Goes Into Effect July 1st Gerogia's Hands-Free law goes into effect July 1st.  This law prohibits an electronic device from being held, or supported by the driver's body.  This includes resting in a lap, held between the… Read More

Hit by an intoxicated driver?

If you are involved in an automobile accident with an intoxicated driver, it is important that you hire an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. Most automobile insurance policies in South Carolina have $25,000.00 coverage per person injured,… Read More

SC's deadly highways

While driving back to Anderson from a hearing I had in Greenville, I passed under an information sign, the ones that warn of traffic congestion, Amber alerts, etc. The sign read "Traffic Fatalities in SC this year: 372. Please drive safely" or something… Read More

What to do after an automobile accident

Automobile accidents happen suddenly, with little or no warning.  After the collision, motorists and passengers are often stunned, shocked, and possibly injured.  After a car accident there are many general actions to take such as calling 911 immediately… Read More

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