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Auto Accidents

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Hundreds of Accident Injuries and Ice Covered Roads Keep Schools Closed

As car accidents increased today on the dangerous roads surrounding our area of Anderson, SC; Local officials said public schools in Greenville and Pickens counties will be closed for a second day, citing the National Weather Services reports. This severe… Read More

U.S Regulators Determine Tesla Wall Adapter Issue A Recall

In a report published at yesterday (read more "here"), new developments in the Tesla announcement of a potential fire hazard with the Tesla S charging system has prompted U.S safety regulators to classify the issue as a recall, citing… Read More

Intrusive DUI Checkpoints Under Scrutiny

Despite the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations (NHTSA) insistence that their voluntary roadside checkpoints are for the safety of the nation, many are saying it is intrusive.The NHTSA uses a subcontractor which hires off-duty but uniformed… Read More

Driverless Cars Are Probably Not Coming to a Dealership near You Anytime Soon

In an age where technology, rules driverless cars are what most people dream of. Stress, dangerous road conditions, and negligent drivers are just a few issues drivers deal with while behind the wheel. Although many hope that a driverless vehicle will… Read More

BEWARE: Auto Accidents Increase on Black Friday

Although most Black Friday shoppers are aware of the dangers that lurk within the store, mainly other consumers vying for that same toy or TV, some also lurk in the parking lot. On Black Friday as consumer spending increases so does the number of car… Read More

Most Dangerous Holidays to Travel by Car

Holidays are a time of year when families get together to give thanks, celebrate, and kick off new beginnings. The Bureau of Transportation notes that about 89 percent of holiday travelers reach their destination by car. The Thanksgiving/Christmas/New… Read More

Dangerously Overloaded Vehicles

Every once in a while a motorist will spot a vehicle that is overloaded just a tad too much for its frame. Whether it is someone moving or a large truck driver with overloaded cargo, most individuals do their best to steer clear of overloaded vehicles. Take… Read More

Five Injured After Car Runs Into Home

On Tuesday afternoon a car being driven by a teenager crashed into the home of an elderly woman in South Carolina. The owner of the house was not home at the time of the accident. There were five people within the vehicle at the time of the accident… Read More

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