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Safely Merge onto South Carolina Highways

Congestion, high speeds, unpredictability of drivers and potential road hazards are just a few of the things drivers have to worry about when traveling on the highway. Merging onto a highway can also pose a serious risks for drivers. Interstate accidents… Read More

Hydroplaning Accidents: Whos At Fault?

Summer rainstorms are unpredictable and inclement weather and heavy rain cause lots of driving stress for even experienced drivers. Most people agree that driving in a downpour is potentially dangerous because hydroplaningalso known as aquaplaning is… Read More

Auto Accidents: The Dangers of Rubbernecking

You or someone you know has probably done it-- been a little bit too curious for your own good. Rubbernecking is a term used to describe motorists who drive slowly by the scene of an accident and turn their heads in order to see what is going on at the… Read More

Parking Lots Present Risks for Car Accidents

Car accidents in parking lots are unfortunately very common. Usually, the damage is minor, such as a dented bumper, but these accidents can sometimes lead to severe injuries, especially when pedestrians are involved.Car wrecks are common in parking lots… Read More

Pet Selfies - Dangerous Distracted Driving Trend

Drivers who use their smart devices while driving are making a conscious decision to endanger themselves and everyone else on the roads. This includes drivers who take selfies of their pets while driving down the highway. Many of the leading causes of… Read More

Teen Drivers Create Risks for Everyone

According to a recent study released by AAA, teen drivers have a higher crash rate than any other age group and that risk extends beyond the teen behind the wheel to everyone on the road.The study reported that almost 3,000 people were killed in teen… Read More

NHTSA Issues Safety Advisory for Pedal Error Accidents

Pedal error accidents are a growing problem across the country. So much so that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a safety advisory to educate motorists on ways to prevent the potentially dangerous accidents. This… Read More

Will Smartwatches Distract Drivers More Than Smartphones?

From Samsung to Apple to LG, smartwatches will likely become the it gift during the holiday season. Unfortunately, it could also be the gift that leads to an auto accident.Smartwatches that buzz and beep while youre driving are much more likely to capture… Read More

AT&T Survey Reveals Disturbing Trend in Distracted Driving

AT&T is one of the worlds largest telecommunications companies. In addition to providing internet, data and TV services, the company is also trying to keep consumers from using their smartphones while driving. This is surprising for a company that makes… Read More

SC Legislators Consider Bill Approving Ride-Sharing Platforms

Uber is a California-based technology company that offers a ride-sharing application that links drivers and passengers in cities across America and the world.Like its rival, Lyft, Uber has been mired in legal battles as states attempt to regulate the… Read More

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