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Smoke detectors save lives

Smoke dectectors save lives The evidence is clear and convincing: Having working smoke detectors in your home drastically improves your chances of surviving a house fire.  The U.S. Fire Administration reports the following statistics: 1. Three out of… Read More

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the lawyers and staff of Harbin & Burnett We hope you have an enjoyable Saturday. The celebration of St. Patrick's Day varies from country to country and even from area to area. In the US, cities with large Irish-American… Read More

Beware the Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March You have probably heard this phrase before.  But do you know where it comes from and what does it mean? In Roman times, the ides of March referred to March 15 on the Roman Calendar.  It was the date on which all debts were settled.… Read More

Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day Pi day celebrates the mathematical constant Π. March 14 was chosen because the date 3/14 represents the first 3 significant digits of Pi. And mathematics play an important part of all of our lives.  Highway engineers use mathematical equations… Read More

Are you a lawyer?

Last night I was attending my daughter's high school lacrosse game. I was sitting by myself but there were people in the row in front of me. As the game had not yet started, it was pretty quiet.  I couldn't help but overhear a conversation about the weather.… Read More

What does Statute of Limitations mean?

What does Statute of Limitations mean? What is a statute of limitations? How does it effect my case? Why does it matter? We hear these questions often when potential clients call us.  And the term can be confusing.  But Statute of Limitations simply… Read More

Spring forward . . .

Spring Forward . . . The lawyers and staff of Harbin & Burnett would like to remind you to set your clocks forward one hour tonight. Daylight Savings Time (DST) is upon us. And although it is not quite as warm yet as most of us would like, it will soon… Read More

Sundays in the South

When I was growing up, Sundays in the South meant Sunday School, preaching, and watching my parents sing in the church choir. Then, after church, we would head to my grandmother's house for fried chicken, heaping bowls of vegatables harvested from her… Read More

Common Mistakes Can Ruin Your Car Accident Lawsuit

A car accident can disrupt your life and if you've been injured, you are likely to feel frustrated if you have tried to get your problem resolved. When you want your voice heard, you need to speak with an attorney who handles aggressive driving lawsuits. Our… Read More

Tips for Motorcycle Safety This Summer

With summer officially in full swing, motorists are taking to the roads, and not just in cars and trucks. Summer is motorcycle season and it is the perfect time to head for the open road on your favorite two-wheeled ride. The U.S. News and World Report… Read More

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