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Do you suffer from triskaidekaphobia?

Are you superstitious? Do you feel uneasy around the number 13? Does a black cat walking across your path bring bad luck? If you spill salt, do you toss a pinch over your shoulder? If so, you aren't alone. A Gallup poll from several years ago revealed… Read More

Oconee County Sheriff issues warning to residents about suspcious items

The Oconee Sheriff has issued a warning to residents to be careful when picking up litter and cleaning their property. This warning comes after syringes and methamphetamine were found on the side of the road in the county. The Sheriff stressed that the… Read More

The Beauty of the Masters

Most golfers, even casual ones, will tune in to watch at least a bit of the Masters. Is it because of the beauty of the course? The beauty is certainly undeniable. The azaleas in full bloom, the vibrant green of the fairways, the bright yellow of the… Read More

Thunderstorm safety

April means thunderstorms in South Carolina. As we enter April, now is a good time to review thunderstorm safety. First, do you know the difference between a thunderstorm watch and a thunderstorm warning? A thunderstorm watch means that conditions are… Read More

Fire Safety: Have an exit plan

This morning, in Greenville SC, a fire broke out in an apartment complex. Thanks to the quick thinking and actions of a South Carolina Highway Patrolman, no one was injured. Trooper helps residents escape apartment fire. This is a good time to review… Read More

Pelzer "light people"

Pelzer "light people". Most people have no idea what that means. But for many people growing up in the Upstate of South Carolina, it was a Christmas tradition. Pelzer is a small mill town in the upper part of South Carolina. And on a little road full… Read More

Properly inflated tires

Properly inflated tires are not only safer, but will save you money as well.  Underinflated tires increase stopping distance, and make the vehicle less responsive the steering, both of which can lead to accidents. Underinflated tires are wear tread at… Read More

South Carolina: The pollen strikes back!

South Carolina: The pollen strikes back! Ah, the time of year that South Carolinians both love and dread. Warm weather is returning, daylight savings time is in effect, and it is soon time to plant gardens.  People are spending more time outdoors, grills… Read More

Be careful with that push mower

Spring has arrived. Sort of. Officially Spring is here but some days it doesn't feel like it. But if it isn't time to cut your lawn, it soon will be.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commisison developed a ferderal safety standard for power mowers that… Read More

Spring Break. Be careful if traveling.

We are in the midst of Spring Break for our schools and universities.  Many students travel to beach locations such as Daytona Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, or Key West. People also visit the big amusement parks such as Disney World. So expect traffic to be… Read More

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