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Do You Know Which Car Seat Your Child Should Be Using?

The data is clear: when used properly, car seats reduce the risk of death to infants by more than 70 percent and the risk to toddlers by more than 50 percent.Infants, toddlers and children who are injured in car accidents, are often not properly secured… Read More

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

 South Carolina personal injury law firm Harbin Law, LLP shares the following Halloween safety tips to keep you and your family safe this Friday.Dark Costumes & Dark SidewalksMake sure that your kids can see and that they can be seen. Give your kids a… Read More

High School Football Fatalities

While the NFL and the NCAA have dominated headlines in 2014 for concussions, scandals and unionization efforts, it may be time for high school footballs chance in the limelight.During the first week of October 2014, three different high school students… Read More

South Carolina Citizens Urged to Watch for Children in Hot Cars

A recent number of news reports have brought attention to a serious and growing problem, leaving children in hot cars. Now, South Carolina law enforcement is urging parents to always check their vehicles for children in the back seat and to get involved… Read More

Segway Tour Operators May Cause Congestion On Main Street

The Segway was first introduced in 2001 as the human transporter. It never quite took off in the ways that the company imagined. Many organizations including the U.S. Post Office and Disney experimented with the Segway in their business operations. Within… Read More

Memorial Day Weekend Safe Driving Tips

According to AAA more than 36 million Americans will be traveling 50 miles or more from home this coming weekend. About 80 percent of people traveling will be driving to their destination, which means about 28 million drivers will be on the roads between… Read More

Should Greenville county Residents Focus On Bicycle Safety?

All it takes is a drive through downtown Greenville or a ride in the northern part of the county to drive home the point that people with bicycles love this part of the country. Any nice day, and some not so nice, you can see cyclists in downtown Greenville… Read More

Distracted Driving Laws In Anderson Begin Today

Today marks the day that Anderson's distracted driving law goes into effect. The new law requires drivers to pull of the road if they would like to use a cell phone or GPS device, with fines ranging from $100 to $300 depending on the number of times that… Read More

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