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Medicare Cuts Payments to Local Hospitals with High Rates of Infections and Injuries

Last year, Medicare announced that it was penalizing 721 hospitals nationwide for having high rates of preventable infections and injuries. The penalty comes in the form of a one percent reduction in payments.The cuts were intended to curb the rate of… Read More

Are You Eligible for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

While vaccines are designed to help Americans avoid serious diseases, in rare circumstances individuals develop adverse reactions to the immunization and/or suffer an injury from the vaccination. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)… Read More

Hospital Infections Leave People Questioning if the Tap Water is Safe

Late last month, the Greenville Health System reported that 14 people had been infected by a bacteria found at a Greenville Hospital. After GHS blamed the local tap water for the infection, residents are questioning how safe the water is for use.According… Read More

14 Surgical Patients Affected by Bacterial Infection at Greenville Hospital

Greenville Health System has reported that it found a bacteria at a Greenville hospital that caused 14 infections in the past few months. The infections were primarily among surgical patients. According to the hospital epidemiologist, one patient who… Read More

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