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Social Security Disability

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Social Security Disability Benefits increase for 2019

Social Security Disability Benefits have increased for 2019.  The maximum monthly benefits has increased to $2,861.00 from $2,788.00.  However, the vast majority of disabled workers receive between $800.00 and $1,800.00 per month with the average worker… Read More

Social Security Disability Hearings: When will the Gov't. pay travel expenses?

Social Security Disability Hearings:  When will the Social Security Administration pay travel expenses? For the most part, claimants are expected to provide their own transportation to the hearing and to pay any costs associated with the travel.  However… Read More

Social Security Disability: What is SGA?

Social Security Disability:  In order to be eligible to receive Social Security Disabilty Benefits and/or Supplement Security Income (SSI), a claimant must be unable to engage in substantial gainful activity (SGA). A person earning over a certainly amount… Read More

Social Security Disability: keep track of your medical treatment

Social Security Disability claims depend upon medical records to establish a claimant's injuries and health problems.  Keeping an accurate account of medical treatment received may be the difference between winning and losing a claim. The person seeking… Read More

Social Security Disability: Request for Hearing

You have filed for Social Security Disability and have been denied.  You next filed a Request for Reconsideration and have been denied again.  What is your next option? The next step in the disability process is to file a Request for Hearing before an… Read More

Working "under the table" and Social Security Disability Benefits

Working "under the table" and Social Security Disability Benefits Every few weeks our office gets a telephone call with a similar fact pattern.  The caller, usually a male, is calling regarding disabilty benefits. He has been denied because he does not… Read More

My Social Security Disability claim has been denied. What do i do?

You've just received a denial letter from Social Security. Now what? First of all, realize that the majority of Social Security Disability claims are denied at the initial level. Second, you have a limited time to appeal. You have 60 days plus 5 days… Read More

Staff Cuts and Office Closures make it Difficult to Reach SSA Offices

Since 2010, office closures and staff cuts have made it more difficult for Americans to reach representatives at the Social Security Administration (SSA) offices. In the past four years, 64 field offices have been closed along with 533 mobile offices,… Read More

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