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Truck Accidents

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2 killed in crash on I-85

Two killed in crash on I-85 The South Carolina Highway Patrol is reporting that 2 people were killed this morning in a collision involving two 18-wheelers and a pickup truck.  According to officers, the pickup truck struck a semi.  Both drivers and a… Read More

Don't cut off trucks.

This weekend, I watched a small car pass a dump truck, then immediately cut in front of him to make a right turn.  The dump truck slammed on the brakes and just missed striking the smaller vehicle.  As I watched this scene play out, I couldn't help but… Read More

Two Killed, Two Seriously Hurt in Semi-Truck Crash Early Friday Morning

There was a fatal 18-wheeler accident on Highway 29 around 4 a.m. on February 24th in Anderson County. The driver and front seat passenger of a 2003 Honda were killed when their car collided with the truck as it was making a left turn into a driveway. The… Read More

Federal Safety Measurement System for Truck & Bus Companies Shown to be Effective

Bus and truck accidents can be devastating, causing the most severe injuries among traffic accidents and often resulting in multiple-vehicle crashes. Smaller vehicles cant match the size of big rigs, and in such collisions, passenger vehicle occupants… Read More

One Killed, Two Injured in I-85 Truck Crash

Early morning on Sept. 8, 2015, the driver of a tractor-trailer died after his truck hit the back of a garbage truck that was parked on the side of Interstate 85 in Anderson County.According to South Carolina Highway Patrol, the accident occurred at 5… Read More

Two Separate Large Truck Crashes Slow Traffic on I-85 on Friday Morning

On Friday morning, traffic in Spartanburg County was bought to a halt for several hours due to two accidents involving large trucks in the area.Just before 5 a.m., on the northbound lanes of I-85 near mile marker 62, a truck driver for Cromer Food Services… Read More

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