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I've been injured at work, do I really need a lawyer?

A question we are often asked is "I've been injured at work, do I really need to hire a lawyer"? In South Carolina the short answer is no, you do not have to be represented by counsel in a Worker's Compensation claim. But understand that your employer… Read More

Know Your Work Rights in South Carolina

South Carolina has extensive employment laws that protect workers from discrimination at work even when they are farm laborers or agricultural workers.Because immigrant agricultural workers are often new to America they are a vulnerable group. Fraudulent… Read More

United States Labor Department Releases Job Search Times For Older Workers

In a report recently released by the United States Department of Labor, it has been revealed that in 2013, the average length of time that workers over the age of 50 years old spent looking for a new job was 53 weeks. When compared to that of a teenager… Read More

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