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Police Corporal Fired After Causing Serious Car Accident

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Aug 01, 2014 in Auto Accidents

police vehicle car accidentThe Richland County Sheriffs Department (RCSD) has fired police corporal Ken Proffitt after he ran a red light on Friday, July 25, and caused a serious car accident.

South Carolina Highway Patrol officials charged Proffitt with disregarding a traffic signal on Two Notch Road at the Trenholm Road intersection. Proffitt was on duty at the time of the accident, however, his lights were not on when he tried to go through the intersection. Additionally, Proffitt told investigators that he thought the light was green at the time, however, surveillance video nearby showed that the light was clearly red.

Proffitts driving record was investigated by the RCSD and they concluded that the accident was the former corporals fault.

During the accident, Proffitts vehicle collided with another vehicle being driven by Katie Miles. The police cruiser flipped over and the other car was totaled; Proffitt was treated for injuries at the hospital and Miles was treated for scratches and bruising.

According to the investigation, this was the third time he former corporal had been involved in an accident with his county-issued vehicle since November 2002. In April 2014, he was involved in two different crashes, but he was not at-fault for either. The third accident occurred when Proffitt was responding to a call, passed through an intersection with his lights and sirens on, and was hit by another driver. However, it was determined that the officer had failed to yield when approaching the intersection.

In 2009, more than 900 police vehicles were involved in auto accidents throughout the state; nine of these accidents were fatal.

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