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Distracted Driving Laws In Greenville Begin Today

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Apr 01, 2014 in General Interest

driver on his cell phoneToday marks the day that Anderson's distracted driving law goes into effect. The new law requires drivers to pull of the road if they would like to use a cell phone or GPS device, with fines ranging from $100 to $300 depending on the number of times that an offender has been caught.

In a statement from the Police office:

"People will look down send a text, send an email, look up and they're almost in somebody's bumper. So it's going to help. I think it'll take a while."

While Police Chief is giving officers the freedom to enforce the ban at their own discretion, as of Tuesday drivers will be able to be pulled over for having a phone in their hand while driving. Officers will also have the option of giving offenders a ticket or to issue a warning.

Some important facts of the law include:

  • Tickets can be issued in public parking lots
  • Tickets can be issued in public garages
  • Tickets can be issued in a drive-thru
  • Tickets cannot be issued to drivers sitting in a private driveway
  • Tickets cannot be issued to drivers on private property

It's also worth noting that the ban applies to bikes, motorcycles and mopeds while it does NOT apply to first responders and other emergency vehicles.

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