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Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Jun 04, 2018 in General Interest

I received a call today from a former client.  He had been involved in an automobile accident in which he was a passenger and he wanted to know if he should get a lawyer.  I asked him if he was injured and he said he was transported to the hospital by ambulance, treated and released.  He was told to follow-up with his family doctor in two days if he is not feeling better.  I asked him what problems he was having and he said his back was sore, and he was bruised where the seat belt ran across his shoulder.  He was sore all over and hurt more today than he did following the accident.  I explained to him that in small cases, sometimes there is no need to get a lawyer involved. But it is important not to sign any paperwork from the insurance company without completely understanding it.  And at this point, we don't know if his case is small or not.  I reminded him of how the insurance company treated him during his last case and why he came in and hired me for that case.

We agreed that he would see how he feels in the next day or two then he will call me back to discuss more. He understands not to give any statement to the insurance company or sign anything.

Ultimately he may need to hire me, but he may not.

If you are unsure of whether you need to hire an attorney to represent you, give us a call today to discuss.  We don't charge to talk with you and we will give you our honest opinion of your claim. And there is no obligation to hire us.


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