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Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on May 07, 2018 in Auto Accidents

Over the weekend, yet another person was killed by an allegedly intoxicated driver.  The South Carolina Highway Patrol reports an accident occurred in Greenwood County on Highway 25.  A pickup truck went off the right side of the road, over-corrected, and crossed the center line of the highway, striking another vehicle.  The passenger of the other vehicle was killed and the driver of the pickup truck has been charged with felony DUI with death.  For more on this story: WYFF.

Now, we must point out, that the driver of the pickup truck is presumed innocent and the burden is upon the state to prove the charges against him.  But regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges, a life ended Saturday and another life has been drastically changed.

Harbin & Burnett strongly urges drivers not to drink and drive.  Call a taxi, Uber, a friend or family member.  The danger you pose to your self and others is simply not worth it.


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