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Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on May 15, 2018 in General Interest

Heavy rain is expected to move into South Carolina for the next several days.

The forecast is calling for several days of showers and thunderstorms in South Carolina. Some project that the upstate will receive 5+ inches over this time. At this point, no one knows if we are in for a long soaking rain or downpours that can lead to flash flooding.  Regardless, either condition makes it more dangerous to drive.  Motorists are reminded that it takes longer to stop on wet roads and visibility is reduced, often drastically, during rain. Also, be on the lookout for fallen trees and downed power lines if thunderstorms move through the area.

Harbin & Burnett urges everyone to drive carefully and to allow additional space behind the car in front of you. Accidents drastically increase during periods of heavy rain and many, if not most, can be prevented by using common sense and courtesy when driving.  Don't become a statistic.


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