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Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Mar 12, 2018 in Auto Accidents

There are a couple of 4 way stops along my route to work, so I pass through them almost every day.  Most of the time it is rather simple, but sometimes there are others who seem to have no idea what the "rules of the road" are and how to apply them to a 4-way stop situation.

The first rule to remember is that traffic should exit the 4-way stop in the order of arrival.  First to arrive should leave first, and so on.  This will work most of the time.  But what happens if two or more cars arrive at the stop sign at the same time?

If the cars are on different streets, then the right most car has the right-of-way. If the cars are on the same street, then any car wanting to turn left should yield to the oncoming car. 

Follow these simple rules and everyone can proceed smoothly.  Unfortunately, in SC, too many people ignore the rules. You see two or three cars rush across the intersection from one direction.  You see the last car to arrive bully across first. Most of the time, the end result is some aggravation. But sometimes an accident occurs. And if a person causes an accident by failing to obey the "rules of the road", they are negligence and liable for damages caused.

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