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Hydroplaning Accidents: Whos At Fault?

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Jul 29, 2015 in Auto Accidents

Hydroplane safety tipsSummer rainstorms are unpredictable and inclement weather and heavy rain cause lots of driving stress for even experienced drivers. Most people agree that driving in a downpour is potentially dangerous because hydroplaningalso known as aquaplaning is a very frightening, real risk to everyone on the road.

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Defensive Driving Tips

When rain water rolls beneath car tires, it is possible to break the car's contact with the road. To decrease the risk of accident in an uncontrollable skid, it is best for the driver to gradually slow down.

Drivers should also avoid slamming on breaks or increasing speed because car wrecks are a very real possibility. Serious automobile and motorcycle accidents result from hydroplaning because the driver or drivers are travelling to fast to stop.

Pavement Quality

Most drivers know that even busy highways are sometimes poorly maintained. Failure to maintain the road may have promoted hydroplaning auto accidents on more than one occasion.

Possibly, road or pavement quality prevented proper drainage and facilitated pooling water. It is possible that the injured driver or drivers hurt in such an accident may have a claim in this instance. 

Driver Responsibility

Driving too fast in rainy weather is never advised, so plan to take it slow. Check tire tread depth with every oil change to ensure that unsafe tires do not cause a hydroplaning car accident.

Never drive in the rain on cruise control, because unsafe acceleration may result. Make sure your windshield wipers function well, too. 

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