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Be careful with allergy medicine

The pollen refuses to leave South Carolina this year. Alternating warm and cold weather seems to have resulted in a perpetual pollen period for the state.  As a result, there is a lot of sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.  Of course, people turn to their… Read More

2 killed in crash on I-85

Two killed in crash on I-85 The South Carolina Highway Patrol is reporting that 2 people were killed this morning in a collision involving two 18-wheelers and a pickup truck.  According to officers, the pickup truck struck a semi.  Both drivers and a… Read More

Beach Safety

Beach Safety A tragic event in North Carolina reminds us of the dangers at the beach.  A 4 year old boy was swept to sea when a rogue wave pulled him away from his mother.  Details can be read here: Body of 4 year old found.  Harbin & Burnett urges parents… Read More

Worker's Compensation: What is a Form 50?

What is a Form 50? A form 50 is a document used by the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission. An individual, by himself or by and through an attorney, can use a Form 50 to open a worker's compensation claim and/or request a hearing in the matter.… Read More

What if I have a worker's compensation claim and a third-party claim?

What if I have a worker's compensation claim and a third-party claim? Often a person that is injured while working also has a claim against another individual or company.  This is known as a third-party claim. The most likely scenario is when a worker… Read More

One killed in head-on crash in Anderson County, SC

A 75 year old driver was killed last night in Anderson county, according to the Anderson County Coroner.  The South Carolina Highway Patrol said a driver was attempting to pass another vehicle on Highway 20, when he struck the car being driven by the… Read More

Hospital safety grades released

Hospital Safety Grades Released The latest Leapfrog Group Hospital Safety Grades have been released. Most of the hospitals in upstate South Carolina scored an "A".  Baptist Easley and Spartanburg Regional scored a "B" and Mary Black scored a "C".  For… Read More

When a traffic light is out.

Yesterday, the power went out at Clemson University and the school closed for the day.  In addition to buildings, several traffic lights were also out. When a traffic light is out, drivers should treat the intersection as if it was a four-way stop.  In… Read More

Don't cut off trucks.

This weekend, I watched a small car pass a dump truck, then immediately cut in front of him to make a right turn.  The dump truck slammed on the brakes and just missed striking the smaller vehicle.  As I watched this scene play out, I couldn't help but… Read More

Depositions Part II

Depositions Part II What types of questions will be asked at the deposition?  Some questions, such as background information, will be asked at virtually all Plaintiff depositions.  Other questions are dependent on the type of case.  For example, in a… Read More

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