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AT&T Survey Reveals Disturbing Trend in Distracted Driving

AT&T is one of the worlds largest telecommunications companies. In addition to providing internet, data and TV services, the company is also trying to keep consumers from using their smartphones while driving. This is surprising for a company that makes… Read More

Car Owners Flood NHTSA Airbag Recall Website

How are people responding to the largest automotive recall in U.S. history? They are logging onto a government website in droves to see if their automobiles are affected. With years of experience fighting for our clients rights against negligible corporations,… Read More

Takata Airbags: Largest Auto Recall in History

Since 2008, 36 million vehicles globally have been recalled for a potentially deadly Takata airbag. The automakers at the heart of what is now being called the largest automotive recall to date include Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Daihatsu.Last weeks recall… Read More

Police Body Cam Legislation Moves Forward

The state Senate passed a measure that would arm law enforcement officers across the state with body cameras. The legislation requires all police to wear the cameras and use them to record interactions with the public. The issue is gaining momentum,… Read More

Listeria Outbreak May Have Started in 2010

While the public has only recently heard about Blue Bell Creameries Listeria monocytogenes (listeria) outbreak, safety officials are reporting that the problem has been ongoing.Listeria is a particularly persistent bacteria that causes gastrointestinal… Read More

Are You Eligible for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

While vaccines are designed to help Americans avoid serious diseases, in rare circumstances individuals develop adverse reactions to the immunization and/or suffer an injury from the vaccination. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)… Read More

SC Legislators Consider Bill Approving Ride-Sharing Platforms

Uber is a California-based technology company that offers a ride-sharing application that links drivers and passengers in cities across America and the world.Like its rival, Lyft, Uber has been mired in legal battles as states attempt to regulate the… Read More

The Rise of Powdered Alcohol

As alcohol remains a leading drug among our youth, the controversy surrounding powdered alcohol continues to brew. At this time, Palcohol is banned from being sold in South Carolina, but the ban is set to expire in June. Just as Summer gets into full… Read More

Highway 25 Wreck Kills 34-Year-Old Man

On Tuesday night, an accident on Highway 25 near Foot Hills Road, claimed the life one person. The accident occurred just south of Reedy River Baptist Church at approximately 10 p.m.Law enforcement officials have identified the victim of the accident… Read More

Drunk Driver Injures Pendleton High School Basketball Star

A senior at Pendleton High School, was injured in an accident when she was hit by a drunk driver. The driver who was identified by authorities, was charged with a DUI and for driving with open containers. He has been arrested and is being detained in… Read More

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