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Most Dangerous Holidays to Travel by Car

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Nov 22, 2013 in Auto Accidents

Holidays are a time of year when families get together to give thanks, celebrate, and kick off new beginnings. The Bureau of Transportation notes that about 89 percent of holiday travelers reach their destination by car.

The Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years holiday periods are the busiest times for travel and most people will be traveling less than 100 miles to their destination. The American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates that for Thanksgiving 2013 more than 42 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more for the holiday weekend.

The number of drivers traveling for the holidays has steadily increased over the years, but which holiday is the most dangerous to travel on?

According to data from 2008, in the United States, the highest number of fatal collisions occurred on Thanksgiving. Since 1982 the average number of fatalities was 567 with about 41 percent being the result of a drunken driver.

Surprisingly according to the Department of Transportation the least deadly holiday to travel was New Years Day. Since 1982 an average of 402 fatalities occurred on this holiday; however, 46 percent of fatal accidents were alcohol-related.

In South Carolina, the most up-to-date traffic collision data available is for 2009 which notes which holidays were more dangerous than others.

  • The most deadly holiday was 4th of July; 11 collisions led to 12 deaths.
  • Labor Day and Thanksgiving in 2009 has the second highest number of fatal collisions, nine fatal accidents were reported that year.
  • New Years was the last deadliest holiday. Between New Years Eve and 6p.m. New Years Day there were 3 fatal collisions reported.
  • In South Carolina the most fatal holiday since 2000 was Independence Day 2000 and 2002 where 20 fatal collisions occurred killing more than 40 people.

Those planning on taking a road trip this holiday season should consider the following tips.

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