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Nursing Home Residents’ Rights

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Dec 07, 2016 in Nursing Home News

neglected nursing home residentThe Nursing Home Reform Law, issued in 1987 by the U.S. government, guarantees nursing home residents many rights designed to protect their individual dignity and the right of self-determination.

The law also requires facilities provide activities and services that promote a high level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being.

If you have an elderly loved one staying at a nursing home, you should familiarize yourself with these rights so you will know when your loved one is being mistreated.

The Nursing Home Reform Law guarantees the following rights to nursing home residents during their stay at a nursing facility:

  • The right to freedom, respect and dignity
  • The right to privacy regarding personal belongings, medical and financial affairs
  • The right to participate in your own medical care such as selecting a doctor and knowing medical conditions and necessary treatments
  • The right to handle your own financial affairs or choose someone to assist you
  • The right to select your own activity schedule, such as bedtime
  • The right to be notified in writing of services and fees before admission to a nursing home
  • The right of refusal of medical treatment
  • The right to be notified of expected behavior
  • The right to complain to nursing home staff without fearing retaliation
  • The right to make phone calls in private and send mail without censorship
  • The right to be free from chemical or physical restraints
  • The right to a 30-day notice of an impending transfer or relocation
  • The right to not be discharged except for failure to pay expenses, to protect other residents' safety or out of medical necessity

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