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Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Jan 30, 2019 in Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Hearings:  When will the Social Security Administration pay travel expenses?

For the most part, claimants are expected to provide their own transportation to the hearing and to pay any costs associated with the travel.  However in limited instances, travel expenses will be paid. From the Social Security Website:

If you must travel more than seventy-five miles from your home or office to attend the hearing, we can pay certain costs. Here are the rules that apply:

We can pay your transportation expenses such as the cost of a bus ticket or expenses for driving your car.

In certain circumstances, you may need meals, lodging, or taxicabs. The Administrative Law Judge must approve these special travel costs before the hearing unless the costs were unexpected and unavoidable.

The Administrative Law Judge may also approve payment of similar travel expenses for your representative and any witnesses he or she determines are needed at the hearing.

You must submit a written request for payment of travel expenses to the Administrative Law Judge at the time of the hearing or as soon as possible after the hearing. List what you spent and include supporting receipts.

If you requested a change in the scheduled location of the hearing to a location farther from your residence, we cannot pay for any additional travel expenses.

If you need money for travel costs in advance, you should tell the Administrative Law Judge as soon as possible before the hearing. We can make an advance payment only if you show that without it you would not have the funds to travel to or from the hearing. If you receive travel money in advance, you must give the Administrative Law Judge an itemized list of your actual travel costs and receipts within 20 days after your hearing. If we gave you an advance payment that is more than the amount you are due for travel costs, you must pay back the difference within 20 days after we tell you how much you owe us.

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