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Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Jun 07, 2018 in General Interest

Both Democratic and Republican Primaries will be held June 12, 2018. Since South Carolina does not have registration by party, voters can choose to vote in either (not both) primary. Both primaries have a slate for candidates for Governor and other state elections. Regardless of your party affliation or political leanings, Harbin & Burnett urges you to participate in the election process as it is one of the most important things a citizen can do. Without voting, you are leaving the decision as to who runs your state and nation to others.  There is much divide between both sides these days and the ability to compromise is a talent not present in very many candidates.  You have the ability to change this by electing better candidates to office.

Until citizens unite and demand Government accountability and transperency, nothing will change.  Change begins at the ballot box.  So make your voice heard.  Vote on June 12th in the primary of your choice. 

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