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Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Apr 07, 2018 in General Interest

Most golfers, even casual ones, will tune in to watch at least a bit of the Masters. Is it because of the beauty of the course? The beauty is certainly undeniable. The azaleas in full bloom, the vibrant green of the fairways, the bright yellow of the flags. Is it because of the drama? Saturday is affectionally known as "moving day", when players try to put themselves in postion to win it on Sunday. There will usually be a charge or two on the back nine on Sunday.

Personally, I think it is the nastalgia. Remembering Arnie's Army. Or Tiger's Roar. Watching Jack, well past his prime, grab one last green jacket. Or stories of players long gone before we were ever born, such as Bobby Jones. Even collapses, such as Greg Norman on a par 3, or Sergio on Thursday, become memories etched in our mind.

Golf, as a spectator event, is usually incredibly boring to non-golfers. But a main event, such as the Masters or The Open, will have us golfers tuning in to relieve a memory or two. So, enjoy the weekend and perhaps watch a little bit of golf. 

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