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NASCARs Tony Stewart Being Investigated after Deadly Crash

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Aug 11, 2014 in Auto Accidents

Tony Stewart accidentOver the weekend, Tony Stewart, famed NASCAR driver, was involved in a fatal accident at a non-NASCAR race in upstate New York.

As the story has been reported, Stewart was racing his sprint car at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park near Finger Lakes, New York, when his car collided with Kevin Ward Jr.s vehicle. Wards vehicle slammed into a fence nearby.

A caution flag came out and vehicles slowed. Ward got out of his vehicle, walked a few steps on the track and gestured toward the cars coming around. He dodged a few cars, but moments later Ward was hit by Stewarts car. Ward was dragged about 50 feet by the vehicle.

Initial reports from the Ontario County Sheriffs department say there was no evidence that indicated criminal intent on Stewarts part, but the investigation is still open

Stewart was visibly shaken after the accident and released a public statement lamenting the situation. Additionally, the famed driver pulled out of the Watkins Glen race that he was scheduled to drive in the following day.

Collisions are a common occurrence on the race scene, however, this was not a typical race and the investigation will have to determine if Stewart operated his vehicle recklessly or with depraved indifference. Additionally, the conduct of other drivers will be taken into account.

Evidence of recklessness or criminal negligence is typically needed to support any non-intentional, manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide charge.

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