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Two Die in Hilton Head Accident

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Mar 03, 2015 in Auto Accidents

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The South Carolina Highway Patrol was called upon to investigate a car crash that took the lives of two individuals on Sunday night.  Lance Corporal, said that the two victims may have been fleeing the police.

He said that the victims were traveling in a Honda Accord on Dillon Road when the Beaufort Country Sheriff's Office attempted to pull the car over. Deputies attempted to pull the car over because they received a call about a suspicious vehicle. When the deputy exited his car to talk to the occupants of the car, they drove off. 

The Honda Accord was traveling with no headlights and as the deputy attempted to catch up with them, they turned left onto Dillon Road. The car struck a tree and caught on fire. The two victims were later identified and were both pronounced dead at the scene. 

Members of the state highway patrol are currently investigating the accident.

What to Do if Police Attempt to Pull You Over

Each year, thousands of Americans panic and end up in accidents because they panic and forget to slowly pull on to the shoulder of the road when a cop flashes his or her lights.

It is true that seeing those flashing lights can cause serious amounts of anxiety and fear, but panic is a drivers worst enemy.

Drivers who are panicked are drivers who are likely to make serious mistakes. If you are driving and a police officer attempts to pull you over, do the following:

  • Turn on your signal so that the cop understands you are attempting to get off the road
  • Immediately begin switching lanes in a safe manner to get closer to the shoulder
  • Remain aware of surroundings so that you dont endanger anyone else as you get pulled over
  • Remain in the car until the cop approaches
  • Roll down your window and wait for instructions from the vehicle

Following these tips in a safe and calm manner can be essential to ensuring that no one is fatally injured. In this most recent case, the vehicle failed to respond to the instructions of the patrol troopers.

The car continued on and led to two fatalities. This tragic accident could have been avoided.

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