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What is the Future Role of Wearable Technology in Lawsuits?

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Dec 08, 2014 in Personal Injury

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The personal injury field may be soon be transformed by the introduction of wearable technology. New devices such as smartwatches and fitness wristbands such as the one produced by Fitbit may find their way into the courtrooms.

In a new personal injury insurance fraud case in Canada, attorneys are using fitness activity data gathered from a clients Fitbit wristband to demonstrate that the clients activity level is markedly less than that of the general population.

The firm, McLeod Law, intends to demonstrate that prior to the accident the client, a physical trainer, led a very active lifestyle that has been compromised in the wake of an injury.

The data from wearable technology poses significant risks for the privacy of individuals and also new opportunities for personal injury law firms.

One can readily imagine a world where attorneys on both sides of civil cases, both plaintiff and defense, subpoena the data gathered from smart wearable technology.

Future legislation and case law will inevitably determine the full contours of these developments. In the meantime, those attorneys and law firms who are prepared to evolve their litigation strategies in light of new technology will have a competitive advantage.

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