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Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Mar 08, 2018 in Workers' Compensation

Where can I file my worker's compensation claim?

A while back, we had a potential client call regarding an on-the-job injury he had suffered.  This person lived in Georgia, was employed by a South Carolina company, was hired in South Carolina, and was injured in Ohio.  He said his company was giving him the run around. Fortunately, South Carolina law addresses this very issue.

§42-15-10 State Law under which claim is authorized to be filed

"Any employee covered by the provisions of this title is authorized to file his claim under the laws of the state where he is hired, the state where he is injured, or the state where his employment is located." South Carolina code of laws, 1976 (as amended)

Applying the law to the facts of his case, we determined that he could file in South Carolina or Ohio.  As each state has different laws and benefits regarding worker's compensation claims, we explained to him his rights under South Carolina law and urged him to contact an Ohio lawyer to see if it would be to his advantage to file up there. 

A few days later he called us back and wanted us to represent him and file his claim in South Carolina.  We did and got him all of the benefits to which he was entitled to under our law.

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