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Will Smartwatches Distract Drivers More Than Smartphones?

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on May 28, 2015 in Auto Accidents

smartwatch distracted driverFrom Samsung to Apple to LG, smartwatches will likely become the it gift during the holiday season. Unfortunately, it could also be the gift that leads to an auto accident.

Smartwatches that buzz and beep while youre driving are much more likely to capture your attention. Unfortunately, these notifications will also cause more drivers to look away from the road and possibly even take their hands off the wheel.

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Currently, there are laws against distracted driving and texting and driving, however, the use of smartwatches is new territory. It would be much more difficult for a police officer to determine if a driver was simply checking the time or reading a text.

In one experiment completed in the United Kingdom, a driver reading a text on a smartwatch took an average of 2.5 seconds to react to an unexpected event. The drivers reaction time was much less when talking to a passenger in the car or using a hands-free device.

The results of the experiment also indicated that the driver veered out of their own lane four times.

According to, it takes drivers five seconds to read a text message on their smartphone. Although a smartwatch cuts this time in half, smartwatch users are still putting themselves and others in danger.

At Harbin & Burnett, we believe that drivers should continue to focus on the task at hand, getting to their destination safely.

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