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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15

Posted on behalf of Harbin & Burnett on Jun 14, 2014 in Nursing Home News

world elder abuse awareness dayLaunched back in 2006, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) was created by the International Network for the Prevention for Elder Abuse and by the World Health Organization at the United Nations.

The purpose of WEAAD is to promote a better understanding of abuse and neglect and to raise awareness of the subject.

On June 15, dozens of events are taking place across the nation including community outreach, video screenings, and rallies. As the awareness day also falls on a family holiday, many events are also scheduled for June 16.

Although South Carolina has not scheduled any events, several cities across North Carolina are holding a Walks to Raise Awareness of Elder Abuse Prevention on June 15. Additionally, another walk is scheduled to raise awareness on June 21 in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Harbin & Burnett understands how important it is to raise awareness about a topic that affects thousands of nursing home residents. Raising awareness also means learning more about the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect, which include:

  • Unexplained injuries
  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Medication errors
  • Bedsores
  • No notification of family members when the resident is injured.
  • Inadequate security measures to prevent residents from leaving the facility
  • Suspicious financial transactions

Its important to note that abusers are sometimes not strangers to the victim, although most family caregivers are trust worth, exceptions unfortunately occur. Furthermore, elder abuse can happen at all levels of society, in or out of a nursing home.

If you suspect elder abuse, dont hesitate to act. Contact the nursing home abuse lawyers at Harbin & Burnett for more information on what you can do to protect your loved ones.

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