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Reckless Driving

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety has stated that one traffic collision occurs every 4.9 seconds throughout the state. Reports also indicate that there were a total of 106,864 accidents in 2009, which resulted in 31,086 injuries, and 817 fatal collisions.

Reckless driving is demonstrated when an individual acts in an erratic behavior. This activity makes it incredibly difficult for others to operate their vehicles safely in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, this negligent action causes dozens of collisions each year throughout the state of South Carolina.

At Harbin & Burnett, our auto accident attorneys believe that when a negligent individual brings harm to an innocent victim, that negligent driver must be held accountable for their actions and pay for the losses and damages they have caused. Our attorneys have great sympathy for all injured victims and their families as everyone suffers emotionally and financially following an accident.

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Why Do People Drive Recklessly?

Drivers may choose to drive recklessly for a number of reasons; however these drivers typically fail to recognize that their actions may have serious repercussions including injuries, damages, and potentially death. In most states, individuals caught driving recklessly may face large fines, citations, and risk losing their drivers license.

Some forms of reckless driving include:

  • Cutting off other drivers
  • Driving intoxicated
  • Driving with hazard lights on
  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Excessive use of bright lights
  • Excessive use of horn
  • Failing to use turn signals
  • Fleeing from law enforcement
  • Following too closely
  • Incorrect merging
  • Neglecting to obey traffic signals
  • Neglecting to obey traffic signs
  • Running a red light
  • Sudden acceleration or braking

Most drivers have experienced a reckless driver at least once, as many may experience reckless drivers every day. Therefore, we must learn how to respond to these reckless and negligent drivers.

How Do I Respond to a Reckless Driver?

No matter how irritated we may become due to reckless drivers, it is necessary to remain calm and do our best to avoid reacting to their negligent actions. Our attorneys have gathered some tips on avoiding reckless drivers and how to respond to reckless drivers across our roadways.

Some ways to respond to reckless drivers include:

  • Assure everyone is wearing seatbelts
  • Attempt to get out of the path of these drivers
  • Avoid flashing your lights at these drivers
  • Avoid honking at these drivers
  • Call law enforcement to report these drivers
  • Do not attempt to hold your own against these drivers
  • Do not gesture or make eye contact with these drivers
  • Use defensive driving techniques

By paying attention at all times to your surroundings and recognizing what is occurring further down the road, we can all do our part in avoiding these reckless drivers. Unfortunately, these drivers may not always be avoided and cause accidents and injuries. If you have been injured, it is advised to seek medical attention and speak with an experienced attorney.

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Following a car accident, our lawyers recognize that the scene is often hectic, which may be more so after an accident with a reckless driver. However, it is important to remain calm and not speak to anyone other than law enforcement officials about the accident.

Our lawyers at Harbin & Burnett welcome all accident victims and have offered thousands of free consultations to those in need. Located in Anderson, South Carolina, we are able to assist injured victims throughout the entire state and elsewhere needed. Some of the locations our attorneys serve include:

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